Why Should I Choose Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth?
Why Should I Choose Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth?

There are many reasons to choose dental implants to replace your missing teeth. No other tooth replacement option offers the security, convenience, and functionality that dental implants provide. Implants owe most of their benefits to a process called osseointegration, in which the implant fixture fuses with the jawbone, creating a strong foundation for your tooth restoration.

Many people choose dental implants because they offer:

Fully Restored Function

Having missing teeth or traditional tooth-replacement options that are unstable and can slip out of place can make it difficult to chew certain foods or speak clearly. Dental implants restore full function, allowing you to eat chewy or hard foods that may have caused you trouble in the past. Having a fully restored smile also allows you to speak clearly, without whistling or slurred words as is common with other tooth replacements.

A Safe, Secure, and Long-lasting Solution

Dental implants have a high success rate of more than 95 percent and are very safe. Thanks to the process of osseointegration, your implants are held securely in place so there is never a risk of them becoming loose or falling out as can happen with dental bridges and dentures. And by following a consistent regimen of oral care you can help ensure your implant fixture lasts a lifetime.

Convenient Maintenance

Dental implants are the most convenient tooth replacement option available. Many traditional tooth replacement options require special tools for proper care, and dentures often require special adhesives to help them stay in place. But since dental implants are supported by the jawbone, they don’t require any additional products. You can care for your dental implants with regular brushing and flossing, just like your natural teeth.

Protection for Oral Health

Dental implants can keep your mouth healthy in several ways. Replacing missing teeth with implants helps prevent infections from developing by eliminating the gaps where food and bacteria can get trapped. It also helps keep your bite stable by preventing the remaining teeth from shifting out of place. And since dental implants are attached to the jawbone, they help keep it strong and healthy by preventing the bone loss that can occur where a tooth is missing.

A Boost in Your Confidence

Yor implant-supported restoration will look natural, whether it’s a single crown, multi-tooth bridge, or full-arch denture. With dental implants, you’ll regain the confidence to smile, speak, and eat without worry, knowing that your teeth look great.

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